<p>1.Travel Etch a Sketch £11.49, lovememory.co.uk </p> <p>Channel their inner Picasso on that long haul flight with this pocket-sized version of the children&#x2019;s drawing game.</p>


1.Travel Etch a Sketch £11.49, lovememory.co.uk

Channel their inner Picasso on that long haul flight with this pocket-sized version of the children’s drawing game.

2.Unblock My Car Free, itunes.apple.com

A hugely addictive 5000-game puzzle which sees the chaos of the airport car park come to your Android or Apple device.


3.Travel Backgammon £115, noblemacmillan.com

Go traditional with this roll-up backgammon set, made from suede and leather, which can be personalised with your initials.


4.Travel Connect 4 £5.07, amazon.co.uk

Get back to basics with this version of the school break-time favourite, which comes in a handy carry case.


5.Boggle Flash £24.95, amazon.co.uk

A great way to keep bookworm kids content on long journeys. Line up the five LCD tiles, press go and starting making words.


6.Spot It! Car Game 69p, iPhone/iPad

If you’re willing to brave sticky fingers all over your iPad/Phone, you could win a reprieve from back-seat whingeing with this.


7.Break the Bricks Free, play.google.com

The premise behind this 60-level, multi-pace Android app is simple: release the ball and use the paddle to bat it up at the bricks.


8.Groove Tube £9.99, firebox.com

The outer cylinder conceals a bamboozling maze of grooves that you have to navigate. Sounds lame, but it’s totally addictive.


9.Rubik’s Slide Puzzle £17.19, firebox.com

Digital version of the 1970s game. Arrange the tiles into the pattern displayed. Or play the original for £4.99 from amazon.co.uk.


10.Lego Magma Monsters £12.30, whsmith.co.uk

Put away the biscuit tin-full of bricks, Lego now sells mini games devised especially for travelling block-heads.