January and November will be the cheapest months to stay in a hotel next year, according to predictions released December 15 by a hotel price comparison site.

CheapTickets.com analyzed average hotel rates in major cities around the world throughout this year to project the prices for next year, discovering that the average daily rate for a three-star hotel in January was $88.78.

November came a close second, with a three-star hotel coming in at an average of $89.93 a night, followed by December at $92.16 a night and April at $95.13 a night.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive month to travel was July, with an average rate of $100.39, although CheapTickets.com said that Tampa, FL, Houston, TX and Amsterdam in the Netherlands were likely to offer some bargains during the month.

"The key goal for many budget travelers is to pair the right destination with the cheapest time to travel, which sometimes means hitting the beaches later, the ski lifts earlier and avoiding the cost and crowds associated with peak season hotel stays," said the firm in a statement.

The best months to stay in 3-star hotels
(average prices based on 2010 data)

1 January $88.78
2 November $89.93
3 December $92.16
4 April $95.13
5 September $95.48
6 February $95.80
7 March $95.99
8 June $97.28
9 August $97.70
10 May $97.82
11 October $97.90
12 July $100.39

Data from CheapTickets.com