The first-class cabin of Air France's A380 jets showcases privacy

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Nine passengers will have the privilege of flying First Class on each Air France A380 flight starting November 23 when the airline begins commercial flights between Paris and New York. Refined and luxurious, Air France's First Class is staking its claim as the "most private cabin" of all the A380s in service.

Upon boarding the plane, the First Class passengers will take their place among nine individual seats situated in order to provide each passenger with plenty of room and privacy. As for the seats themselves, Air France has opted for a high degree of quality in the construction, covering the seats in "Climatex," a material known for its capacity to "breathe," absorbing and releasing moisture.

In order to increase the comfort of its high-end clientele, Air France also integrated a changing room into the cabin where passengers can switch to their sleeping clothes for the flight and then back into day clothes before landing. The passengers will have Clarins beauty products at their disposal inside as well. The airline will also offer each of its First Class passengers a garment bag to organize their personal belongings.

A large bar, installed in the front of the aircraft and exclusively for the use of the First Class passengers, will serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the flight. Magazines will also be available there.

A staircase allows access to "The Gallery," a space at the highest point of the plane, in which the First Class passengers can admire, in a private setting, works of art from several museums around the world on LCD displays.

Finally, to make the flight more comfortable and to help passengers adjust to the time change, Air France chose a panoply of changing light effects in red-orange tones for the cabin interior which mesh with the beige and red tones in the cabin.

Air France's First Class cabin is the smallest among all the A380 layouts. In comparison, Emirates and Quantas both have 14 First Class seats, and Singapore Airlines provides 12.