Tunisia came second on the list following a terror attack which killed 30 British tourists in June last year / Getty Images

Pakistan tops the list with 37 deaths - but terrorism pushes Tunisia and Algeria up the table

More than 250 British tourists were murdered while abroad, new figures have revealed.

Pakistan was named deadliest country for Britons to visit, with 37 people being murdered there since 2012. 

Thirty-four Britons were killed in Tunisia, the majority of whom died during the terror attack on a beach in Sousse in June last year in which 38 people - including 30 Britons - were shot dead by Seifeddine Rezgui.  

Jamaica and the US also feature high on the list with an average of four British tourists a year being murdered. 

The data, obtained by Mail Online via a Freedom of Information request, also shows British people have been caught up in other terror attacks around the world with 10 killed in Ukraine and seven in Algeria. 

10 British men were among the 298 passengers and crew killed when the MH17 plane was hit by a Russian-made Buk missile over the separtist region of Donetsk in August 2014. 

A further seven men were killed after being taken hostage with 23 others by Malian militants at a gas field in northern Algeria in January 2013. 

Also feature on the list was France - which had 14 British deaths - but the figures do not include the death of Nick Alexander who was killed in the Bataclan theatre during the Paris attacks as they only go up to summer 2015.