Britons are creatures of habit when it comes to choosing holiday destinations, according to a poll.

As many as a third of travellers go back to the same spot for their annual break, the survey by found.

And 10% of the 2,156 adults polled said they have been to the same destination more than 20 times.

Of those making repeat visits to a location, 68% did so as they were able to relax and knew what to expect.

Accommodation was the key priority followed by guaranteed weather and value for money.

The most popular repeat holidays were at beach resorts, followed by out-in-the-country breaks. But few people chose to return to a once-visited city.

Despite many preferring something familiar for a holiday, 69% considered themselves open-minded and willing to try new things.

A good-priced holiday was the thing that would persuade people the most to try a new location, followed by a personal recommendation or encouragement by a partner.

Substandard accommodation followed by crime and poor reviews were the things that put people off destinations the most.

Bob Atkinson, of, said: "With Brits looking long and hard at where they can afford to travel in 2011, it is hardly surprising that so many of us return to familiar destinations time and time again on the same holidays."