Today: Party onthe Pier launches British Tourism Week (which officially starts on Monday). The nationwide event celebrates the heritage of our piers with special events, record-breaking conga attempts, games and music (

This week: Conservation and "voluntourism" will be discussed by Earthwatch and TV presenter Paul Rose at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Thursday ( And in Cornwall, the Spring Feast runs from Friday to 1 April, with spring menus at a host of restaurants and events ranging from cider evenings to fish masterclasses (

In the diary: UK visitors to Kenya can save on visas. The fee was cut to £20 after political unrest in 2008 and was due to go back up to £30, but the lower rate has been extended to 1 July ( And if you're planning a cultural break, consider the new website Historvius, which lists historic sites of interest by country, from Roman settlements in Spain to Buddhist shrines in Japan (