Travel Agenda: New York City's West Side; Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum; Manchester Airport's V-Room; Sea Life Surveys in Mull

Today: Take an elevated walk through New York City's West Side. The second phase of the High Line Park, a green belt that has grown from a disused railway track, is now open and channels through three neighbourhoods (

This week: The Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum opens on Tuesday. The former Transport Museum on Glasgow's River Clyde Walkway has a steel cardiography-style roof and zinc-panelled walls housing the travel-related collection, alongside the tall ship Glenlee ( On Wednesday, Manchester Airport gets its own V-Room, the family-focused lounges for Virgin Holidays customers.

In the diary: In Mull, wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan is leading two special whale and shark-watching boat trips next month, with Sea Life Surveys on Sunday 24 and 31 July (sealife