Today: The artist Simon English releases 500 red and white balloons at Ulverston in Cumbria to mark the start of a "land art journey", retracing the steps he took for his monumental 1971 artwork All England Sculpture ( ).

This week: The first Milton Keynes International Festival runs from Friday until 25 July with a fanciful theme that includes a house-sized mechanical carousel (from the French company behind the giant Sultan's Elephant), music, dance and comedy ( ).

In the diary: Get your fill of ice-cream, music, fun and games at Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common in Clapham, London on 24-25 July ( Barcelona, Gdansk and Fuerteventura are three new destinations from Leeds/Bradford airport this winter, where Europe's biggest airline, Ryanair, is expanding its operations from late October ( ).