Travel By Numbers: Ramadan

A month of fasting and prayer takes hold in the Islamic world from Wednesday. Peter Harmer counts the ways in which to experience the religious festival...
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The month in the Islamic calendar that is Ramadan. This year the month of fasting between sunrise and sunset runs 11 August-9 September. In Morocco, locals feast after the sun goes down, creating a carnival atmosphere. Flights from Gatwick to Marrakech start at £42 one way.


Number of times a day Muslims are expected to pray. Mosques are a great way to experience Muslim life and they are often spectacular pieces of architecture. The Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali, built in the early 20th century from mud, is a designated a World Heritage Site. It features on the 26-day West African adventure this winter from Exodus, price £5,060.


The date the last Muslim stronghold in Spain fell to the Christians. The Muslim influence on Spain stemming from more than 700 years of rule left its mark, particularly the Moorish architecture. The finest example is the Alhambra, the spectacular palace and fortress in Granada.


The year the first Eid ul-Fitr was celebrated when the prophet Muhammad gave thanks for victory at the battle of Badr in modern Saudi Arabia. A nine-day Saudi Arabia tour, run by The Traveller, departs on 22 October, price £3,125, including flights on Saudia from Heathrow to Riyadh (returning from Jeddah) full board and visa authorisation.


The number of centuries covered in the exquisite Jameel Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, London, which is dedicated to ceramics, textiles, carpets from the Islamic caliphate of the 8th century to the years preceding the First World War. It opens 10am-5.45pm daily, admission free.


The number in millions of Muslims who live in Egypt. Ramadan in Egypt is a festive time. Thomson has all-inclusive holidays at the five-star Jaz Almaza Beach Resort departing Gatwick on 17 August, price £691 for a week.


The number of days the festival lasts. In Turkey, the traditional Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, marking the end of Ramadan, mix with national holidays in a three-day celebration. Sweets such as baklava and Turkish delight are eaten and banners are stretched between the minarets of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. British Airways has flights from Heathrow at £170 return.