Travel to northern Cyprus: Open Jaw

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I would like to express our disappointment that you are presenting the occupied area of Cyprus as an idyllic holiday destination, while paying only lip service to the harsh facts. Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974 in violation of international law and the UN Charter. As a result, 200,000 Greek Cypriots were forcibly expelled from their homes. Turkey maintains a heavy presence in the form of 40,000 armed personnel and is blocking a fair solution to the Cyprus problem that would respect the human rights of all its citizens.

Orestis Rossides, UK Director, Cyprus Tourism Organisation

It is shameful that a liberal newspaper would promote tourism to a territory under illegal military occupation.

James S

Ryokan revolution

Even if cultural enrichment was your priority, you paid through the nose for accommodation. Next time, try business hotels, especially at weekends. You'd never pay more than Y10,000 (£58) for a double. Also, the onsens (hot springs) are certainly worthwhile as a cultural experience, but if you have any body art then be aware of the prim notice in almost every onsen; "Those with tattoos are not permitted to enter"


Elephant tourism

As a tour operator offering holidays to areas where elephant trekking and shows are in high demand we agree with Responsible Travel's ethical outlook. Lost Earth Adventures does not offer elephant treks or shows in our itineraries.

Sarah Allard, Lost Earth Adventures

Forgotten Hyères

Interesting article – but I'm amazed that Toulon-Hyères wasn't noted as the closest airport, instead of Marseille. Despite the name, it is in Hyères rather than Toulon, and you can easily walk to the centre. Ryanair flies there from Stansted three times a week in summer.