Traveller's Eye: New travel photography collection lets readers pinpoint where each image was taken

A new collection of travel photography lets readers pinpoint for themselves where in the world each image was taken. Earthbound: A Rough Guide to the World in Pictures contains more than 250 images, as well as personal insights by the photographers. It also uses "QR codes" – a form of bar code that can be scanned in on a mobile phone or PDA to take the reader direct to the image location on Google Maps. If you don't have the right technology, no problem: just use the latitude and longitude coordinates next to each image (also provided here, along with brief extracts from Earthbound), which do just the same thing. Simply type them into Google maps ( and the software will zoom in on the correct location.

'Earthbound: A Rough Guide to the World in Pictures' (Rough Guides, £20) is out now. See

23.165910, -81.230421

Varadero, Cuba

Varadero is the package resort in Cuba, a giant playground of hotels spread across a 25km-long peninsula that protrudes like a fingertip from the north coast of the island. The carpet of fine sand bathed by emerald-green waters is almost the perfect vision of a tropical paradise. A legacy of peeling shopfronts and down-at-heel restaurants keep Varadero peculiarly and defiantly Cuban.

18.378169, -65.716280

Kioscos, Puerto Rico

Traditional Puerto Rican food, known as cocina criolla, is rooted in simple but tasty Spanish cuisine, and heavily influenced by the island's Taíno and African inhabitants.

41.034885, 28.978001

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a metropolis going on megalopolis – a teeming, vibrant urban centre that can make other European cities seem dull in comparison.

43.947264, 4.535326

Pont du Gard, France

The Pont du Gard is the greatest surviving stretch of a 50km-long Roman aqueduct built in the first century AD to supply water to Nîmes.

9.494897, 76.317472

Kerala, India

Practised in special earth-floored gyms and pits across the state, kalarippayattu is Kerala's unique martial art – a brand of acrobatic combat.

35.628632, 139.738905

Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan

Yellow signs guide workers down from train platforms and into the station's stark central channel.