The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, launched a campaign yesterday encouraging us to forgo foreign jaunts this year in exchange for "staycations" within these shores.

To help sweeten the deal, hotels, tours and meals will all be subject to a (quite frankly awkward-to-calculate) 20.12 per cent discount.

Presumably Hunt and his Cabinet colleagues will be joining in, but where shall they go? Cleethorpes, Rhyl, or maybe Southend? Or perhaps George Osborne can persuade one of his mates to moor a yacht just off Redcar.

Whatever they choose, it is as yet unclear whether the 20.12 per cent discount will extend to the Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool, dubbed the "worst hotel in Europe" after a Tripadvisor survey in 2009. Or indeed Wells in Somerset, which in 2010 was named the least holiday-friendly resort in the UK.