On the beach in Somerset: the county has some of the best holiday accommodation in the world, says TripAdvisor / PA


Travellers rate UK holiday rental accommodation as some of the best in the world, it was revealed today.

Somerset and Gloucestershire have the highest-rated rental properties, the survey by TripAdvisor found.

Asked to rate 275,000 worldwide holiday rental properties, global travellers gave an average score of 4.57 points out of a possible five.

But UK properties exceeded this figure, with an average score of 4.71.

Properties in Somerset and Gloucestershire topped the UK list, both on 4.8 points, followed by East Anglia (4.79) and North Wales (4.78).

The lowest regional score for the UK was London (4.56), although this was only fractionally below the worldwide average figure.

TravelAdvisor spokeswoman Laurel Greatrix said: "This shows that the UK holiday rentals industry is ahead of the curve.

"It seems property owners here go the extra mile to please their guests and this has evidently paid off, with each of these holiday rental hotspots scoring no less than 4.46 points out of five."

These were the average ratings region by region for UK holiday rental properties:


Somerset 4.80

Gloucestershire 4.80

East Anglia 4.79

North Wales 4.78

East Sussex 4.77

Cornwall 4.76

Kent 4.76

Edinburgh 4.75

Devon 4.74

Yorkshire 4.74

Dorset 4.70

Scottish Highlands 4.70

Cumbria 4.58

London 4.46