Wacky world - offbeat travel and transport roundup

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A roundup of recent offbeat travel stories.

A wheely bad flight

The 39 passengers on board a UK Flybe flight this week had a scare when one of the aircraft's wheels fell off just after takeoff. Fortunately, the plane made a safe emergency landing at Exeter airport - but not before one passenger took a snap of the missing wheel.

Faking it

A pilot from Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo has lost her licence to fly after landing her plane on its nose wheel in Goa earlier this year, although it's since emerged that she may not have had a valid one anyway. Reports suggest that the woman may have faked papers to get her permit to fly after failing the examination seven times.

Foursquare gives the finger to Rude NYC

Foursquare released research on the world's rudest cities this week, naming Manchester in the United Kingdom top spot - although pretty much the rest of the top 20 belonged to the US (Melbourne in Australia the notable exception in 16th place). More disappointment, then, for the team over at Rude NYC, set up to regain the title of America's rudest city after Travel + Leisure magazine published a similar list in January - New York's Staten Island came only 17th place.

Not-so-domestic disturbance

A man is being held in jail in California after driving for 35 miles (56 km) with his wife clinging to the hood of his car. Reports suggest that the couple had an argument and the woman was clinging to the wiperblade to stop him leaving, only to be driven down the freeway at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour (160 km/h). Miraculously, she was only treated for hypothermia when the terrifying ordeal ended.

A creepy problem

Mazda recalled 65,000 vehicles this week with a rather unusual warning - there is a risk that spiders could weave webs inside its Mazda 6 sports car. The Japanese automakers said that the webs Yellow Sac spiders weave could cause the tank to leak or catch fire and it was recalling the vehicles as a precaution.