A roundup of this week's offbeat travel stories from Relaxnews.

Visiting Hobbiton

Peter Jackson's latest project was important enough for the New Zealand government to pass a new law to accommodate him, so we're unsurprised at the revelation that Hobbiton is set to become a permanent piece of New Zealand. Highlights include the real thatched roof of The Green Dragon and the nearby Bywater Bridge, which will be built in permanent stone for tourists to visit.

Identity crisis

Canadian custom officials detained a young man last week after he pulled off an incredible transformation on board his flight. The man reportedly boarded the plane as an elderly Caucasian male and disembarked as an Asian male in his 20s, described by Canadian Border Services as an "unbelievable case of concealment."

British food

Scoffed at by much of the world for its notoriously bad food, Britain's tourism authorities are trying to fight back, releasing statistics this week that showed most of the world is keen to tuck into a Full English Breakfast. Among those keenest were would-be visitors from Russia, Brazil and India, said VisitBritain. Germany and Ireland, however, were still a little reticent.

Rocket Man

If this week's stories about jet engines unnerved you a little, spare a thought for Yves Rossy, a Swiss adventurer who completed two loops in the sky using a jet propelled wingsuit this week. Rossy jumped from a hot air balloon above Lake Geneva and landed safely with a parachute, saying he was "happy and satisfied".