A roundup of this week's offbeat travel stories.

Opting out of everything

Opt-out day may have proved something of a damp squib for America's TSA-baiters, but that didn't stop some individuals from seeing how much they could achieve - such as this enterprising individual, who stripped before heading through the scanners. "Big sis", in case you wonder when you see the video, refers to TSA Administrator Janet Napolitano.

Midget Rescue

Travel alert: if someone calls your hotel room and tells you that there's a trapped midget in the next room and you should break a window to save him, they're probably lying. Nonetheless, it seems some people like to be on the safe side, like one guest at a Motel6 in South Carolina, who trashed his room after receiving a prankster call telling him to "throw the TV out the window after smashing it with a toilet seat" to save the trapped individual.

Snuggle Up and Shop

If you're the sort of traveler that goes away just to hit the shops but regularly finds that you can't be bothered when you get there, the Pan Pacific Seattle has just the package for you - a deal capturing all the fun of a shopping vacation without leaving the bedroom. The "Snuggle Up and Shop" deal includes free internet access, a $50 (€38) Amazon gift card every day and $50 room service credit.

The Full Monty Returns

Ten stewardesses from failed Mexican carrier Mexicana released their own glossy calendar this week, trying to draw attention to their plight. In an echo of the hit 1997 movie The Full Monty, the women posed with their aircraft for a steamy photo shoot with considerable success - the first run of the calendar sold out before the official launch.