This special feature is a celebration of everywhere that's not here. Perhaps you'll use it as a practical guide for plotting your escape or an idle click-through of fantasy destinations (not to put too fine a point on it, travel porn) but either way, we hope you enjoy this guide to the new types of modern holiday.

How we travel is changing, and soon we'll be able to match our wardrobe with our hotel bedroom – an exclusive interview with Giorgio Armani reveals his revolutionary plans for an international chain of Armani resorts, as well as his particular bathroom penchant.

Environmentally friendly tourism is also a huge new trend, but what exactly is an eco-resort? Rhiannon Batten, the author of How To Travel Responsibly Without Roughing It, reveals all including the renaissance in British tourism that has created a shock new must-visit destination: Lancashire's Morecambe.

Globalisation is constantly widening our travel frontiers, so our correspondents have contributed briefings from what Donald Rumsfeld might call known unknowns, such as the swanky Mexican Riviera Maya, the rural Chinese idyll Yangshuo, and the latest mini-break hotspots, Tbilisi in Georgia and Almaty in Kazakhstan.

And for those wanting to go that little bit further, space travel is becoming a viable option . You can even get there on Air Miles. Take your protein pills, put your helmet on, and don't forget to pack our Travel Special.