Korean Air has unveiled a unique feature on board its new A380 superjumbo - a luxury duty free shop available to passengers during their flight.

The novel idea, a welcome departure from the duty free trolleys which are traditionally wheeled up and down the aisles, allows passengers to get up and browse the duty free store just as they would at the airport.

Billed by designers AIM Aviation as the "world's first flying duty free shop" the store is fairly compact but allows for around 64 items to be sold in an "attractive and elegant style."

All of the display items have been magnetized, to ensure that they remain on the shelves in case the aircraft hits turbulence.

In a video describing the concept, AIM Aviation's Chris Whetter said that he expected first class passengers to get first access to the shop, followed by business class passengers and economy flyers last of all.

It will be staffed by a full-time sales assistant and will feature products including cosmetics, fragrances, liquors and accessories, with cosmetics brand Lancome understood to have already purchased advertising inside.

The store will take off this June, when Korean Air's first airbus A380 goes into operation on routes which are expected to include Asian hubs such as Narita, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

It's one of several new innovations currently on show at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, which runs through April 7 in Hamburg, Germany.