Night ferry worry

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THERE are a number of unsolved mysteries that continue to baffle the experts: where do flies go in winter; what was the true identity of Jack the Ripper; why do airlines bother to dish out aperitif snack packs that have only three and a half peanuts in them; why do our passport photographs make us look like serial killers?

Now a new question from Arthur Nicholls, of Norwich: why do ferries take so long to cross to the Continent at night? 'I recently went from Southampton to Cherbourg and it took nine hours, compared with crossing during the day, which takes six hours. I frequently go from Harwich to the Hook, which takes eight hours, 30 minutes by night and six hours, 30 minutes by day. While we are asleep do we get a night trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun or a cruise to the Bay of Biscay?'