As an oil industry executive John Pease averaged two flights a week. Fed up with heavy luggage and creased clothes, he founded the Stuffed Shirt Company in 1993
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Over the past year I have travelled more than 75,000 miles, mostly to the Far East. When I have to carry samples of my products, I take a large ABS plastic wheeled case.The rubber seal round its lid keeps out the water when luggage is left on the tarmac of small airports in tropical downpours.

Mostly I take only carry-on luggage based on our compact and crease-free modular packs that save business travellers 45-minute waits at the carousel. My ironed shirts go straight into the wardrobe ready to go on Stuffed Shirt A4 card frames folded around the rolling hinges; a rounded base which resists across-the-middle creasing. Inside the fold go everything for the day's outfit: pants, tie, socks - the more that is stuffed in, the less creasing. In the collar space is a squeezable-to-size zipped bag that takes my cufflinks, ties and underpants. No longer do I pull out pants along with documents from my briefcase at important meetings.

The stuffed shirts go in an outer case with concealed inner pocket for hankies and small flat items. Two shirt cases lie side by side and fit most briefcases. I never travel anywhere without my ready-packed toiletry case with adjustable Velcro strapping for electric shaver, aftershave, small and large toothbrushes, paste, nailclippers, scissors, small penknife and hairbrush. I pack in 10 minutes for a two-day trip, 30 minutes for a very long one.

Our new Flight-Case is like an organised briefcase fitting under the airline seat. I can survive for three days with this. It has outer pockets for shirt packs and inner compartment with stretch frame for documents, inner compartment with stretch frame for trousers and hook for a jacket and padding for my PC, modem and multi-purpose adaptor for phone and power supply. If I travel in a suit and get it cleaned at weekends, I can put in more shirts and last a week.

For long flights, I buy airport books - the choice is getting much better - and try to sleep for two to three hours. I carry a light sweater and travel in blazer, slacks and polo shirt. I pack two more polo shirts and swimming trunks for relaxation. For European winters, I add a lightweight mac and folding umbrella. Travelling really light on long trips I just take six of my shirt packs and then rely on hotel laundries.