A chance for readers to choose England's best family holiday
Each year, the English Tourist Board stages the England for Excellence awards, giving recognition to the people who do the most to welcome visitors and present the nation in a good light. Beginning this year, the board has enlisted the help of readers of The Independent.

We want you to vote for a new category: the Family Holiday of the Year. The definition is broad. You may choose a resort, or city; a campsite, or hotel; a holiday camp, or activity centre - any location which you feel reflects the best of an English holiday.

Your entry will earn you the chance to bask in your nominee's glory at the England for Excellence awards ceremony in London on 4 November - and to be chosen as the family to visit a new attraction for our regular Outings feature. The English Tourist Board will bring you to London for the ceremony, while The Independent will provide a journalist and photographer to accompany you on your day out.

To enter, just write to The Best Family Holiday Award, PO Box 4AP, London W1A 4AP with the following information:

Your nominated family holiday - and, in 100 words or fewer, your reasons for choosing it. Your name, address, and daytime telephone number.

Here's how your entry could look:

Independent/ETB Best Family Holiday in England Award

Nomination: Thornfield Hall, near Rochester, Kent

Relaxed, fun and full of the unexpected, this elegant hotel is set in glorious countryside and caters especially for families. There's plenty for children to do in the area - from horse riding and supervised mountain- bike treks to painting and pottery sessions laid on by the hotel. For parents, Thornfield is a haven - and there's a child-minder on hand to read stories and take charge at children's meal times. In fact, everything about the place seems perfect: there's even an intriguing air of mystery, and regular visitors have often remarked on the strange sounds that come from the attic. (92 words).

My name: Jane Eyre

My address: Lowood House, Cowan Bridge, Yorkshire

The closing date is Tuesday, 30 September. Once all the entries are in, a shortlist will be chosen. Members of the travel staff at The Independent, plus representatives of the English Tourist Board, will then visit the location and evaluate it in the light of readers' comments.

If yours is chosen as the best nomination for the holiday selected as best in England, you win the prize. And yes, you may enter even if you live in Wales (or Scotland, or Ireland).

Usual Newspaper Publishing plc rules apply. The judges' decision is final.