I was a year old when Presley died, and minus nine when the Woodstock festival took place. But if I were to follow in my grandparents' footsteps, this is how I would do it.

Getting to Memphis ...

Direct flights between the UK and the state of Tennessee have ended, but KLM flies from numerous British airports via Amsterdam to Memphis. In August the fare through Trailfinders (0171-937 5400) is pounds 524, including tax. In September the price drops to pounds 425.

Getting to Woodstock ...

There is a problem here, in that the festival site, at Bethel, is 60 miles south-west of the town of Woodstock. But to reach either, first get to New York. Flightbookers (0171-757 2000) has fares on BA, United, American Airlines or Virgin Atlantic of pounds 254 return, including tax, after September 1. After September 15 you can travel there and back through Travelbag (0171-287 5559) on Kuwait Airlines for pounds 220.

From New York City to Woodstock, Trailways (001 518 436 9651) runs daily buses at 7am, 10am, 12.30, 3.30pm and 5pm. The two-and-a-half hour trip costs $20 one-way or $38 return.

To reach Bethel from NYC, call Shortlands on 1 800 631 8405 (this number works only within the US).

Getting to This ...

was a very dodgy Blodwyn Pig album, released on the Island label in 1969, and still to be found in the travel editor's collection.

Set book: Rock & Rock Traveler USA, by Tim Perry and Ed Glinert (Fodor, pounds 12.99).

Rhiannon Batten