Route March

As noted on page 37, the airlines' summer schedules start tomorrow. British Midland (0345 554554) has new routes linking East Midlands airport with Malaga (Saturdays), Nice (Mondays and Fridays) and Palma (Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays).

British Airways (0345 222111) is dropping its flights from Heathrow to the South Australian city of Adelaide, and leaving the route to its partner airline, Qantas. BA is expanding its services from Gatwick, with Miami and Moscow becoming new spokes on the hub operation based at the North Terminal.

From Stansted, Air UK (0345 666777) tomorrow launches new routes to Madrid and Zurich; both new destinations offer Saver fares for £119 (plus £5 tax to Madrid, £17 to Zurich), requiring a Saturday night stay at the destination.