Cromlix House Hotel award is early win for Andy Murray, but what about the long game?


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Andy Murray’s life is defined by a will to win. He craves long-term success from his multimillion-pound investment in a hotel outside Dunblane, not just a short-term boost for his home town. Yet to win a “top hotel” award less than a month after the first guests checked in is a victory too soon – akin to a Wimbledon final reduced to the opening point.

“Best hotel refurbishment in Scotland to open this month” – now that’s an award Cromlix would deserve. Thanks to the Grand Slam champ, and with the sharp eye of his mother, Judy, a decaying baronial pile of impressive pedigree has been reborn in grand style. “Bathrooms the size of tennis courts and showers designed for doubles,” I wrote when I stayed there during the “soft opening” in March.

The welcome was impeccable, and by all accounts a powerful service ethic has continued. But that is merely a promising warm-up in a long game. The real award is long-term public acclaim, doubtless decided in conjunction with TripAdvisor.