Q Three of us are going to Barbados next March for the cricket. We have never been before. We were hoping to get a self-catering apartment near the Kensington Oval cricket ground. Could you guide us in the right direction?

Steven Dixon, Nottingham

A Barbados' tourist accommodation is geared towards those seeking the beaches, and accordingly apartments and hotels in the centre of Bridgetown, near the cricket ground, are hard to find.

About 40 minutes' walk (or a B$10/33.50 cab ride) south of the stadium on the beach of Carlisle Bay, you could try the Nautilus Beach Apartments (nautilusbeach.com). Rooms with kitchens start at around £60 per night.

Alternatively, consider the beachside Crystal Waters - further along the coast in Worthing. Although it is more of a guest house, I can recommend it. You will be able to hop on a bus into town and, at close of play, return along the southern shore to your well-run and friendly digs. Here is a link to the Facebook page: bit.ly/XtalWaters.

Finally, while the vast majority of the islanders are friendly and welcoming, the Foreign Office advises: "Take care when walking alone off the busy main roads and avoid isolated areas, including beaches, particularly after dark."

Additional research by Abbas Panjwani

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