Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: Can you suggest a restaurant treat in Paris that caters for vegetarians?


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Q. I'm travelling to Paris with my wife in May for our silver wedding anniversary. I'm a vegetarian but my wife is not. I want to find a reasonable restaurant that serves both veggie food (not just pizza, risotto, pasta, etc) and traditional French cuisine for my wife. Do you know of any options?

Stephen Clyde, Belfast

A. A Le Soleil Gourmand is a small restaurant at rue Ravignan 10, close to the Eurostar terminal at Gare du Nord - and a useful lunch option en route to villagey Montmartre. It specialises in Mediterranean flavours, and serves tarts (such as glazed tomato, onions, roasted peppers and pine nuts) that even have carnivores choosing the veggie options. A plat de jour costs around €10; treat yourself to an ice-cream afterwards.

Further out, in the north-eastern arrondissement of Belleville, there is a good bar-restaurant called Le O'Paris at 1 rue des Envierges, a five-minute walk up the hill above Belleville Metro station. The view from the terrace is excellent, with the park beneath you and all of Paris beyond. It offers a good mix of traditional a la carte dishes as well as vegetarian tagines and tarts, all at reasonable prices.

For a livelier night, consider La Caravane at 35 rue de la Fontaine au Roi near Goncourt Metro station ( It has a more casual ambiance, and provides great music and cocktails to accompany dishes such as veggie burgers and veggie stirfry. The staff are lovely, and will specially prepare vegan dishes if needed.

Finally, joyeux anniversaire.

Additional research by Laura Lea

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