Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: I booked for Mallorca and then found unhappy reviewers - what should I do?


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Q. I booked a hotel in Mallorca through Clever Hotels. Looking on TripAdvisor there seem to be some unhappy Clever Hotels customers. I have tried to call and email Clever Hotels with no response to date.

A. Clever Hotels is an interesting organisation. It is based in Hamburg, and yet pops up frequently in searches by British travellers for accommodation in many parts of the world. I have never booked through Clever Hotels, and on the one occasion I checked its prices going direct to the hotel proved cheaper.

With any intermediary such as this, it is well worth calling the hotel direct to make sure that you are indeed booked.

So long as you have booked with a credit or debit card, then the card issuer is jointly liable for non-delivery if, for some reason, your booking does not work out as you expected.

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