Q We have two adult kids (23 and 19) and are thinking of visiting Las Vegas. Because of US licensing laws our 19-year-old cannot go to most of the venues we had hoped to visit and many of the alternatives suggested seem more appropriate for younger teenagers. Should we forget Vegas until he is older?

Keith Bradley-Adams, Swansea

A Yes. Las Vegas is a great destination for adults - but in the state of Nevada, and most of the rest of the US, that means those aged 21 or over. Younger people are not merely forbidden from drinking in a public place - "minors" are also excluded from many of the fun parts of the Las Vegas entertainment offering. Any even if your 19-year-old could pass happily as 21, age checks are frequent - with customers as old as 50 required to prove their eligibility using official ID.

Much better, I suggest, to go to Mexico, Canada or another country where a 19-year-old can safely enjoy a drink in moderation without fear of arrest.

Finally, to see someone very slightly over 21 enjoying the city, you could always watch my latest 48 hours in Las Vegas, available here.

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