Q. It has been widely reported in the Spanish media that Ryanair will stop flying to Valladolid from 5 March. If you try to book a flight on the website you cannot book from this date. We have booked tickets for April but we have not received any communication from Ryanair. There is nothing on their news page.

Michael Lynch

A. I have found nothing official, either, but the Ryanair website tells the story: the last flight FR3124 from Stansted to the fine northern Spanish city of Valladolid will depart on 5 March.

Airlines are very keen to shout about starting new routes, but taciturn when they close them down. It looks as though dwindling fortunes due to the dismal state of the Spanish economy has put paid to yet another link from the UK.

It may be that Ryanair is holding out for a possible deal over airport fees and "marketing support" - cash provided to the airline by the airport, and that the route may be revived. The airline has until two weeks before your planned departure to offer you two options: a full refund, or a flight to the nearest alternatives - Madrid or Santander. Beyond this, the airline has no liability to you.

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