Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: Should we cancel our holiday in Hammamet because of Tunisian warnings?


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Q. Me and my boyfriend are travelling to Hammamet for 11 nights later this month. I have seen reports warning against travelling to Tunisia. What is the unrest over there at the moment? Shall we cancel our holiday?

Polly Buller, Kettering

A. Don't cancel - fly out as planned, and you can expect to have an excellent holiday in a friendly and fascinating nation. Tunisia was the birthplace of the so-called "Arab Spring". But since the movement to overthrow the dictatorship began in the capital two-and-a-half years ago, all the tourist areas have remained safe. And compared with neighbouring Libya, the process of liberation has been remarkably calm.

There have been protests recently, with some violent incidents - but nothing in the vicinity of Hammamet, or in other resorts along the coast, Tunis or tourist attractions elsewhere.

The Foreign Office is warning against all-but-essential travel to one tiny corner of Tunisia - the Chaambi Mountain National Park area, close to the Algerian border. It is many miles from Hammamet. You can see the official advice here:

Everywhere else, life is proceeding normally - with prices low and crowds thin, this is an excellent time to visit Tunisia.

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