Q. For the last 25 years I have been holidaying with my University mates, plus kids and now grandkids. The adults are going to the Naples area in late October for four days.

The six adults from the South had to book the planes quickly as the BA flights were going fast. We saw that easyJet flew from Liverpool, but they have not released the flights yet, any idea when they will?

Or any ideas how the Northern lot (Stafford and Liverpool) can get there - as at this rate it will be just the Southern lot going on their own for the first year for 25 years.

Bev Keech

A. In fact easyJet is flying from Liverpool to Naples on 26 October, and it’s very cheap - £53 when I checked. That’s because it’s the last flight of the year. Coming back, the “Northern lot” could fly easyJet or BA to Gatwick and make their way by rail from there. But it would be more fun and probably cheaper to get the train to Rome and fly from there to Birmingham (Monarch) or Manchester (Jet2 or Ryanair). Probably the Staffs people should do the former, the Liverpool lot the latter.

But book soon – it’s half term and prices will only go up.

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