Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: What happens when easyJet fares go DOWN after booking?

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Q A month ago I booked flights between Gatwick and Naples over New Year, paying over £300 return. Soon afterwards, I got an email from easyJet about a seat sale. I checked exactly the same flights and found they were £40 cheaper. I thought we were supposed to book early for the best prices. Can I claim the difference?

Elizabeth Doyle

A No. Air fares usually rise as departure date approaches, but sometimes they are cut in order to stimulate sales and fill up the plane. Unlike many carriers, easyJet has a “price promise” which pledges to refund the difference if the fare falls after you book. You get a credit voucher for future flights that is valid for six months. There is, however, a whacking great exception: “If the lower fares have been offered as part of a promotional offer that is launched after you have purchased the flight,” says easyJet. I’m afraid that, when I have been in your position, on every occasion it has been during a seat sale. But I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who has successfully managed to claim – not least about how much hard work it involves constantly monitoring fares.

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