Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: What's the best deal for one-way to Oz?


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Q. I am planning a one-way trip to Oz from Edinburgh, time and changes no object. Any suggestions? My dad says you're in the know.

@WeeSlice, by Twitter

A. I take it you don't need to leave imminently, so you won't have to pay a one-way fare of £1,300 or more that is being charged for departures in the next few days to Sydney. If you really are that flexible, then wait for the late April-June low season. China Southern has a fare of £550. It includes a hop from Edinburgh to Amsterdam on KLM, the long-haul flight to China Southern's hub in Guangzhou, where you have just a 90-minute wait before the onward flight to Sydney.

However, you can slice £7 off this if you use the new Virgin Atlantic flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow then fly onwards on China Eastern: £543 in total. You could save another £30 by taking the Megabus from Edinburgh rather than flying.

To save you the trouble of trying other options, I have also looked at getting an easyJet flight to Amsterdam and a second ticket from there, to reduce Air Passenger Duty; and buying a flight to Singapore, Bangkok or Bali and a separate ticket on a low-cost airline. Neither came close to the £550 quote for a single ticket from Edinburgh to Sydney.

If you are flying to another Australian city, fares are likely to be higher even though the distance from Edinburgh is less.

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