Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: When should I book my Faro flight?


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Q. I want to book a flight to Faro in September. Will the price go up every day from now, or could it get cheaper?

Loule Lou, by Twitter

A. I could be wrong, and there may conceivably be a sudden surge for the dates you want, but were I travelling I would wait until two months before departure to start looking. Not only does this eliminate the risk that something untoward may happen between now and then - it also allows you to wait for the bargains.

Once the schools are back after the summer holiday, it's a buyer's market to destinations such as Faro. So you can relax, knowing that the airlines need you more than you need them. If past experience is anything to go by, around early July airlines such as Monarch and easyJet are likely to launch autumn sales for flights.

The excellent website,, offers free fare comparison.

When you are selecting, don't overlook BA - and the newcomer from Gatwick, the airline called Norwegian. There is plenty of capacity out there.

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