Last year’s winner was Brazil, which hosted the World Cup

Singapore has topped Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 list this year, followed by Namibia and Lithuania.

With its unique style of cuisine and culture, Lonely Planet selected the Southeast Asia destination as it offers an escape from the typical urban landscape, as well as providing ample opportunities to explore the island. In addition, Singapore will celebrate fifty years of independence next year, so we can expect some grand celebrations.

The list was compiled through criteria such as whether there was a special event next year, or because the writers believed that the destination will soon become a big hit. Smaller countries were given a fair opportunity as recent developments were considered, meaning that the more well-known travel destinations would not be able to dominate.

Last year’s winner was Brazil as it hosted the World Cup and will be the next country to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Despite this accolade the country did not appear on the list this time around.

Following this year's top choice, Namibia has a packed schedule of local and national festivals throughout the year, and Lithuania has transformed itself since it embraced democracy following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Ireland places fifth in the list, with contributor Tom Hall describing it as ‘stunningly scenic,’ and noted that it managed to blend its traditional customs with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and describing how the ‘contemporary Irish are just as friendly and welcoming as their forebears were known to be.’