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Advice for driving through Australian deserts

If you intend to leave main roads, let somebody know of your estimated time of arrival. If you become lost or break down, do not leave your vehicle under any circumstances. A missing vehicle is easier to locate than missing people.

Beware of stock and wildlife. These can include cattle, kangaroos and the odd camel.

"Road trains" are a significant presence, and can be up to three trailers (50 metres) long. Always give them plenty of room, and if overtaking allow at least one kilometre of clear road ahead.

Always carry plenty of water - 20 litres minimum. Water is the cheapest and most effective cooling agent for the body.

If you are planning to travel through Aboriginal land, other than on designated highways, you must obtain a permit. It is the right of Traditional Owners to refuse any entry permits.

From Australia's `Northern Territory Motoring Guide', obtainable free from the Australian Tourist Commission's brochure line (0990 561434).