trouble spots

Transport problems

South Africa (Johannesburg, right): Three people were killed in a rush- hour shooting believed to be related to taxi wars. Dozens of people have been killed in years of violence between rival taxi operators over passengers and routes in Gauteng province around Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as other parts of South Africa - Reuter.

Russia: It is not known whether aircraft maintenance procedures are always properly observed. Where possible fly directly to your destination on a scheduled flight originating outside Russia - Further information from the Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit (0171-238 4503).

Tanzania/Zaire: Ferry services on Lake Tanganyika have been suspended after marauding Zairean soldiers, trying to escape eastern Zaire's battle zone with their families, stormed aboard a Tanzanian ferry on the lake and stole luggage, money and a cargo of fish - Reuter.

Colombia: There is a general suspension of rail services. The state railway is bankrupt, and has been closed. A new "shadow" organisation, STF, has resumed rail service, under contract, on some lines - Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable.

a likely story

If you don't put your clocks forward tonight you could miss your flight - this column last week

If you had followed our advice last Saturday, you would certainly not have missed your flight. Instead you would have been at the airport two unnecessary hours early. Chronological confusion with the space-time continuum here at Canary Wharf meant we advised that a 7am GMT flight would depart at 6am BST; instead of 8am BST. Thankfully the error was spotted before the travel department turned up for work two hours early on Monday.

bargain of the week

People in south-east England can benefit from the best post-privatisation deal so far - so long as they buy today, 2 November. Connex - which runs services south of the capital, from Kent to Dorset - offers five consecutive days of travel for pounds 10, which works out at pounds 2 a day. Children aged 5-15 pay pounds 5. For comparison, the cheapest day trip from London Victoria to Bournemouth is pounds 23.70. Where two or more companies operate trains on the same stretch of line, eg London to Gatwick or Southampton to Bournemouth, you may travel only on Connex services. From next Monday to Wednesday, the ticket is valid only after 9.30am. And if you really want to visit Bournemouth, don't try to do so tomorrow (when Connex trains do not operate there).