Bargain of the week

Leicester to Doncaster by rail costs at least pounds 15 return. But Stagecoach Express charges a maximum of pounds 5 return for the same journey by bus, using its hourly 757 express bus. The ticket is valid for up to three months. The route also serves Worksop, Mansfield and Nottingham, with the same maximum price. Call the Bus Hotline, 0115 924 0000, for times. Note, though, that the Leicester-Doncaster bus journey takes nearly three hours - 60 minutes more than the train.

A likely story

"Passengers with hand baggage can check in by phone. Simply call 0345 554554 or your local reservations number no later than 30 minutes prior to departure" - British Midland timetable

What a splendid invitation. Next time you are due to fly on British Midland, you could well take heart from this offer. Passengers travelling light can now call from the office, or a mobile on the way to the airport, saving time and stress.

Except that when you try it, the chances are you will be refused. The timetable indicates that all ticket holders can avail themselves of the new facility. But when you call, the first question is about the class of your ticket. Anything less than Euroclass (British Midland's business cabin) and you will be told to join the queue at the airport.

Trouble spots

Foreign Office advice on Florida

Despite a reduction in the number of attacks on foreign tourists in Florida, visitors should continue to be vigilant about their personal security. In particular:

l Do not wear ostentatious jewellery, and avoid walking in obviously run-down areas.

l If arriving at night, take a taxi to your hotel and collect your car the next day.

l Drive on main highways and use well-lit car parks.

l Do not stop if your car is bumped from behind. Instead, indicate to the other driver to follow you to the nearest public area, and call the police for assistance.

l Do not sleep in your car on the roadside or in rest areas.

Travel Advice Unit (0171-238 4503/4504; fax 0171-238 4545); on the Internet, go to; or on BBC2 Ceefax, from page 470 onwards.

Visitors' book

Berwyn Guest House, Shrewsbury (01743 354858): comments from US visitors

Enjoyed the conversation and watching the football with you - Kathy Jones, Fort Myers

Thanks for the hot chocolate and the lively entertainment. Happy travels to you - Bryan De Busk, Arizona

Gracious home, beautiful scenery - KM Fox, Houston

Thanks for bringing me in for the night - Sage Geyer, California

A1 stay - Quinn Kitchen, Minnesota

Warm and sweet; a place to rest my worn beaten feet - Huw Getchell, Massachusetts