Trouble spots on safari
Dos and don'ts for your safari - compiled by Paul Goldstein of Exodus for the latest `Bridge the World' newsletter (free by calling 0171- 911 0900).

Don't patronise the people of the bush - their civilisation is older than yours. Make a genuine effort to learn their customs.

Do wear cotton and take a woollen sweater - man-made fibres are as unhealthy as man-eating lions in the tropics.

Don't wear sweaty trainers without socks, or you can expect them to receive a sacrificial burning.

Do beware the local brews - they win on price but lose the morning after.

Do take more than enough film and spare batteries. Game reserves are well stocked with animals but not Fuji Provia and lithium CR5M6Vs.

Don't know better than your guides. If they say that log is a crocodile, believe them.