Trouble spots

The following places are at risk from bombings.

India: The Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign Office (0171-238 4503) advises against all travel to Jammu and Kashmir. There have been recent bomb explosions in public places in Delhi (above) and on public transport in neighbouring areas.

Reuter reports that 12 train passengers were killed and 37 injured when a bomb exploded on a train in Ambala. Police think it may be part of an escalation of violence before state assembly elections in Punjab, due by next February.

Corsica: a bomb damaged a building owned by the regional authority for northern Corsica last week but caused no injuries. The device exploded outside the northern capital Bastia, blowing out the windows of the building. It is the latest in a series of bombings, which have occurred mostly at night, by separatists seeking more autonomy from France for Corsica. Casualties are rare.

Ethiopia: A bomb in the Wabe Shabelle Hotel, Addis Ababa, in August killed one person and injured 11, including a European visitor. There have been explosions in other Ethiopian hotels. The Foreign Office advises "vigilance at all times".

Central African Republic: Rebel soldiers in the capital, Bangui, have fired mortar bombs near the French embassy at the Sofitel hotel, where some loyalist government forces are based - Reuter.

Philippa Czernin