Bargain of the week

Business-class travel across the Atlantic has just become cheaper than ever. Kuwait Airways is not the best-known transatlantic airline, so it has cut fares to compete on the Heathrow-New York route. For a three- night stay in the city with USAirtours (0181-559 7721), you pay a total of pounds 425 including tax. You must travel out by 24 February. One business- class perk you will not enjoy is champagne; Kuwait Airways is dry.

Trouble spots

This week's advice from our man in the Foreign Office

India: "The North East is a disturbed region. Go on essential business only, or in escorted groups. Permits needed for Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manapur and Mizoram".

China: "Only Air China, China Southern, China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines are believed to observe internationally recognised aircraft maintenance procedures."

Foreign office : 0171-270 4129.