Visitors' book

Bristol Industrial Museum

Very good if you like aeroplanes and trains

- Anon

I didn't know there was a Bristol car - Bob Grieves, Bristol

Gratefully appreciate the disabled facilities - Anon

Very good, but small children can't see over displays. A step by most items would help - Steve, Bristol

Better than SS Great Britain, and cheaper! - Greatrex family, Keynsham, Avon

I would have liked to sit in Concorde - David Oram, Bath

Bargain of the week

Travellers between the West Country and London are finding weekend journeys difficult because of the rail line being closed between Reading and Swindon. But a price war among bus operators on the M4 means you can save a fortune between Bristol and London - and get to the capital more quickly than on the rail-bus-rail arrangement being used by BR.. National Express (0990 808080) is charging pounds 8.75 for a day return, and this is matched by Bakers Dolphin (01934 616000). The latter company reduces the fare for the 240-mile round trip to just pounds 7.45 for senior citizens and students.

Trouble spots

This week's advice from our man in the Foreign Office

Corsica: "Since November, there has been a series of bomb attacks by extreme nationalists on public buildings throughout Corsica. The attacks seem to be increasing in intensity. Take reasonable care in the vicinity of public buildings."

Guatemala: "Violent crime is prevalent throughout Guatemala, especially in and around the capital and other tourist areas. Muggers are often well- armed. Do not attempt to resist when being robbed. Register with the British Embassy on arrival (321601) for an update on the current situation."

Mali: "Mali is relatively trouble-free. Although travel to Mopti, Timbuktu and Gao is possible, caution should be exercised in the area north of Mopti where banditry is still a risk".

Java: "Indonesia is prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. Avoid Mount Merapi and surrounding areas in Central Java. Further information can be obtained from the Directorates of Volcanology at Bandung (022 772606) and Yogyakarta (0274 514180).

Foreign Office travel advice is available on 0171-270 4129, on BBC2 Ceefax page 564 onwards and on the Internet at