Travel talk

On Saturday 4 November, the Globetrotters' Club celebrates its 50th birthday with a travel event at Imperial College, London. Speakers include the writer Charles Nicholl and cyclist Josie Dew. Tickets for the event cost pounds 30, and include a buffet lunch. For more details call 0181-674 6229.

Student competition

We have been deluged with entries to our 1995 student travel writing competition - so much so that looking through them is taking longer than we thought.

To give ourselves a little more time to do justice to all the entries we have decided to postpone publishing the results until Saturday 11 November.

True or false?

"Everyone's gone to the Moon"

False, which is why the performer of this 1960s hit, Jonathan King, has previously written for the Independent Traveller about the sights of Tunisia rather than the Sea of Tranquillity. But the travel industry reaches for the stars at almost any opportunity.

You could book a holiday with Eclipse, Cosmos, Superstar or one of dozens of solar-related tour operators: Sunworld, Sunset or Sunrider. You might, of course, prefer to travel by train. Besides Lloyd Webber's fictional Starlight Express and the late-lamented Etoile du Nord, you could take the Aurora from Moscow to St Petersburg or make a journey towards the centre of the Earth on Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel.

If these ideas sound light-years away from your aspirations, get yourself to London. With a Travelcard and a bar of Milky Way or Mars, you should have enough cash from pounds 10 left for a visit to the Star Trek exhibition at the Science Museum. If everyone's really gone to the Moon, use your Travelcard to get to the pub of that name in New North Street, London WC1.