RECENT correspondence on the problems of getting a green card from British insurance companies for continental motoring (Independent Traveller, 2 and 23 October) has prompted this criticism from Graeme McLellan, of York.

He supports the views expressed by Mr Hart concerning the advantages of having a French motor insurance policy; these include low premiums, annual green card and free AA-style breakdown cover. However, Mr McLellan has a warning for anyone wanting to take out a French policy.

The problem arises when you try to purchase a new UK tax disc at a post office. 'The DVLC appears to have issued strict instructions that tax discs are not to be supplied to anyone who presents an insurance document issued by a non-UK-based insurer,' Mr McLellan says. 'This instruction almost certainly contravenes several Articles of the Treaty of Rome, but that does not seem to worry the DVLC.'

Mr McLellan has been unable to obtain a satisfactory explanation from the DVLC about its attitude. However, he has heard from other sources that its approach is part of a continuing feud between the French and UK insurance industries.

He has written to his MEP to seek information on why French insurance is apparently acceptable to the police and every other public authority in the UK, apart from the vehicle-excise authorities.