The best time to book flights – region by region

Travel comparison website Kayak analysed millions of online flights

Planning on travelling long-distance? Then you'll need to book your flights three months ahead, according to a travel blog which claims to have found the secret to hassle-free holidays.

Travel comparison website Kayak analysed millions of online flights to reveal the ideal time to book, and the best days to fly.

And rather than snapping up last-minute deals, they recommend that British travellers should, on average, buy air tickets three months ahead of their departure date – unless they're planning to go to Asia.

The best online flight deals for the region, they reported, could be found seven months in advance.

For South America and the Middle East, the most attractive prices can be found around five months in advance - and four months in advance for the Caribbean.

Whereas those wanting to go away to Central America and the South Pacific should book three months in advance.

RegionTime before travel
North America2 weeks
Central America3 months
Africa2 months
Asia7 months
Caribbean4 months
Europe1 month
South America5 months
Middle East5 months
South Pacific3 months

According to the website, spontaneity isn't completely dead, however - and late bookers will find the best deals for Europe and North America two weeks before travel.

It also analysed the best time to fly long-distance, and found that travelling in the middle of the week is the cheapest option. The best day to fly is Thursday – returning between Tuesday and Thursday – except for long weekends in Europe.

The best combination for those sees travellers departing on Thursday and returning on Sunday.

North AmericaWednesdayTuesday
Central AmericaThursdayTuesday
South AmericaThursdayMonday
Middle EastWednesdayMonday
South PacificTuesdayWednesday

Kayak based its research on flight searches conducted between November 2013 to February 2015, from the UK, for travel dates between November 11, 2013 and February 2015.