THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY/ISIC TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION; Your chance to win a fabulous trip around the world

Enter our 'Moments in Time' contest and you and a friend could find yourselves taking the holiday of a lifetime
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Are you planning to take your camera abroad with you this summer? Will you be less than 26 years old on 30 September this year? If so, we would like you to enter this year's Travel Photograph competition, for which the first prize will be two round-the-world tickets, the second prize two tickets to anywhere in Europe, and the third prize two tickets to Paris. There will also be twenty runners-up prizes of travel guides.

What we are looking for are pictures which most sharply illustrate a contrast between modern culture and tradition. Tibetan monks using laptop PCs? Chanel-clad shoppers in smelly fish markets? Arab nomads in Toyota Landcruisers?

Photographs can be either colour or black and white and will be judged according to both their aesthetic quality and according to how well they fit the theme of the competition.


Send your entries (prints or transparencies) to: Moments in Time, The Travel Desk, Independent on Sunday, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL.

You have until 30 September to finish your travels and send your pictures to us. Please remember to send copies only. We regret that we will not be able to return any of your entries.

The prizes are courtesy of ISIC (tel: 01457 890900), the International Student Identity Card. The card costs just pounds 5, is the only international proof of student status, offers a 24-hour emergency helpline and provides discounts on flights and a huge range of other travel-related services.