The Wildest Dreams Travel Challenge

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Only six more days remain for you to get set for adventure, and bid for your share of the world. Heineken, in association with the Independent, is offering a travel bursary of up to pounds 25,000.

Who can enter: Anyone aged between 18 and 35

How to enter: Fill out an application form giving details of your travel plans. These will be assessed by a panel of experts and a shortlist of applicants will be interviewed. Forms are available from the special hotline number 0171-231 5432; the Lonely Planet Internet hhtp://; or at STA Travel shops.

When to enter: By next Friday, 26 April. Winners will be announced on 6 May.

How much is the prize? The total bursary is pounds 25,000 and the amount awarded to winners is at the judges' discretion. It is possible that one exception proposal (say a tour of the 177 countries where Heineken Export is available) could win the full amount...