LUCY BAILY, of Cheshire, who had grave problems flying back on British Airways from New Delhi to London with her husband and three children (Independent Traveller, 30 April), will be interested to know that other readers have experienced problems on this route.

'BA is getting away with murder on its India flights,' writes a reader, who asks for his name not to be published. 'A couple of months ago, friends flying to New Delhi with BA were stranded all night in the plane on the tarmac at Heathrow because of bad weather.

'They weren't allowed to disembark because the pilot expected to take off at any moment. They were not served any food until two in the morning. Finally, the plane took off at about 6am, but of course the crew had run out of hours, so the plane had to stop . . . at Rome. Where they then spent most of the day.

'The passengers were taken to a hotel, but not before being left neglected at a bus stop for an hour. They finally got to New Delhi 24 hours late, after a gruelling 32 hours. BA never apologised, though my friends managed to get a few hundred pounds compensation (in travel vouchers).'