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Given the potential for sentimental tosh in a brochure entitled Weddings in Paradise, this one doesn't do badly. There is a certain amount of waffle at the start ("Imagine ... a lush tropical garden where you and your partner are standing side by side

First of all though, some cosseting. We are tactfully reminded of the advantages of staying in one hotel while our guests stay at another. We are also asked, tentatively, whether we want to spend our time "quietly enjoying each other's company" or whether we need the distraction of activities (to take our minds off what we have just done?)

Those thoughtful people who make Thomson brochures have remembered just about everything, including suggestions on how to pack the wedding dress, and the interesting information that the airline Britannia does not charge excess baggage for the carriage of wedding dresses. We are also reminded that our on-site wedding co-ordinator will arrange the wedding day hair appointment and other beauty treatments, as well as generally taking all the stress out of our lives.

And the wedding photos? There are plenty of pictures of brides with fake tans and impossible smiles in these pages, though the real-life Thomson couples (on pages 16-17) are reassuringly of our own planet.

To press the authenticity further, Thomson even gives us a detailed first- person account from a satisfied customer who married in the Dominican Republic.

At the end, by the way, the nasty small print of the legal requirements is listed not by bullet points but by tiny love hearts - just in case we forget that a marriage is supposed to be an affair of love.

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