DOES pounds 204,690 seem a lot to spend on a holiday? If not, then you might consider joining the Queen Elizabeth 2 for her 1999 world cruise (yes, the brochure is out already). You'll get to stay in the Grand Suite and enjoy 120 nights on board, circumnavigating the world and taking in such great destinations as New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bombay, Port Suez, and Barcelona.

If you are watching your pennies, however, you could always consider joining the ship for fewer days, and perhaps, horror of horror, take a cheaper cabin. It's possible to complete the whole world cruise for a meagre pounds 19,390; or jump aboard at Sydney and leave, 21 days later, in Hong Kong for pounds 5,840. Having seen the new movie Titanic, however, the idea of being in the modern-day equivalent of steerage may not appeal.

Owners Cunard claims that the QE2 is the only true ocean liner left, but it also sells glamourous (well, expensive) breaks on two other ships: the Royal Viking Sun and the Vistafjord. It takes a certain type of person to enjoy being cooped up on these ships - especially when the pictures of the cheaper cabins look like student halls of residence - but its worth getting this chic brochure just to distress your snooty neighbours.

A more active way of sailing around the globe, well, the Caribbean, is by signing up for a yachting break with The Moorings. The company has 400 yachts in the Caribbean, operating out of nine bases on islands such as Saint-Martin, St Lucia, Grenada and Guadeloupe. There are craft to suit all levels of skill, plus the chance to have the services of a skipper to show you the ropes on the first day.

The brochure pitches itself at families and casual sailors rather than die-hard yachties and gives lots of useful itineraries and tips (in the same brochure, there are sections on the Mediterranean and the Pacific too). The Moorings also has another brochure for people after crewed yachts. Like many of these firms, The Moorings publishes a separate price list which is almost impossible to decipher.

Cunard, tel 01703 716500; The Moorings, tel 0800 018 0763/01227 776677.